garage door repair west university place

Garage Door Repair West University Place

Garage Door Maintenance Service

Garage Door Maintenance West University Place

Whether you use your garage door daily or not, it must be serviced regularly. Scheduled services ensure the door’s good performance and longevity. On top of everything, they ensure your safety. If you want to schedule garage door maintenance in West University Place, Texas, contact our local company. Trained and qualified, our techs can maintain any type of door. Call us to service a roll up or overhead door. We can inspect and service any opener brand and model. Garage Door Repair West University Place is an affordable company and provides services with your safety in mind.

With garage door maintenance, you have no problems

Regular garage door maintenance is required because parts wear and make noises. The noise often comes when parts rub one against the other. This happens because they are not lubricated, but also when they are misaligned or loosened up. What we do during regular services is fix such problems.

From lubrication to adjustment, we exhaust our maintenance service checklist

Over time, springs lose tension. The door might need leveling. Part of what we do is garage door adjustment.

  • Our techs check the door’s balance and either release or add spring tension.
  • We also check the travel limit of the door and make adjustments so that it will go up and down all the way.
  • Our pros will also adjust the force of the door or the chain of the opener.

Our garage door maintenance service in West University Place starts with a thorough inspection. We want to see which parts are damaged or worn. Are the cables frayed? Is the reverse mechanism okay? Are the tracks bent?

Should there are any problems with the opener or the way the door moves, garage door troubleshooting shows us the roots of issues. And so we can make the necessary repairs. If there are vibrations or bolts & nuts are loose, we tighten them. And our service won’t come to an end before we lubricate all steel parts.

You avoid expenses & trouble! Maintenance is a win-win

With the parts tightened, lubricated, adjusted and fixed, the door moves safely and smoothly. This enables its longevity. We offer West University Place garage door maintenance service to help you use the door without worrying about anyone’s safety or security issues, and avoid extra expenses. If you want a safe door and expert techs to service it, give us a call today.

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